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When to Use Different Types of Fertilizers on Your Lawn

Proper lawn care is never complete without effective fertilization. In addition to water and sunlight, your plants need a reliable fertilizer as it supports their growth and development. Though rich and well-maintained soil supplies the best nutrients to the plants, it may lose its minerals and nutrients over time due to excessive foot traffic and constant cycles of harvesting and planting. In situations like these, the only choice you are left with is to use an effective fertilizer to satisfy the nutritional demands of your plants.

Kinds of Fertilizers

Though there are several kinds of fertilizers, it is important to know your lawn needs to choose the most effective one. Each fertilizer is formulated for a specific kind of plant or lawn situation. It is imperative to determine a fertilizer that favors your lawn and can provide it with the required nutrients. Following are a few major kinds of fertilizers that you can choose from:

· Pesticide-Based Fertilizers

· Liquid Fertilizers

· Granular Fertilizers

· Plant Specific Fertilizers

· Weed and Feed Fertilizers

· Quick Release Fertilizers

· Slow Release Fertilizers

The Best Time to Use Fertilizers

When it comes to lawn care, timing of fertilizer application is as important as fertilizer selection. According to some experts, nitrogen fertilizers can be applied during the entire summer season. You can also use this fertilizer on your lawn in the fall and spring seasons, as during these periods, your lawn continues to grow actively.

Fertilizer Usage During Spring

The spring season is considered to be the best time to fertilize a lawn. This is the time when the soil is warm and able to support active plant growth. Fertilizer application allows a lawn to develop nutrient reserves and fight against heat and other issues.

Fertilizer Usage During Summer

If you have cool season grasses in your lawn, then you shouldn’t use a fertilizer in the summer. Since this grass is inactive during the summer, fertilizer application can have a negative effect on its condition and ultimately lead to watershed pollution. On the other hand, you can conveniently fertilize warm season grasses during the summer.

Fertilizer Usage During Fall

By using a fertilizer in the fall, you can help your lawn strengthen its root system. During this season, your lawn develops stronger, deeper, and healthier roots, so make the most of this time.

Fertilizer Usage During Winter

Winter is the time when your lawn is dormant, so you don’t need to make an effort to fertilize your lawn. Instead, use the basic techniques and methods to care for your lawn during the winter season.

Each lawn has its own needs, demands, and special features. Your locality, climatic conditions, living environment, sunny or shady atmosphere has a great impact on the health of your lawn. If you want to care for your lawn in an appropriate manner and make it a healthy and visually appealing site, then you should determine its needs closely. This is critically important to maintain the optimum growth and health of plants.

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