Snow Removal Ottawa

Snow Removal

Snow Removal Ottawa

Snow & Ice Management Solutions

When winter weather comes around, snow and ice are inevitable. Don’t deal with snow and ice alone and instead choose Life Long Landscaping to keep the weather in check and keep roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks clear and safe.

Interested in our commercial plowing, snow removal and ice management services? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a comprehensive quote, and stay ahead of the weather!

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Commercial Plowing Services

Life Long Landscaping has the right equipment and vehicles to combat snowfall when it strikes. We offer a wide range of commercial plowing services that will keep parking lots, sidewalks and roads free from snow all winter long.

Snow Removal Ottawa

Ice Management Services

Ice on your commercial property and surfaces can cause all sorts of liabilities in the event of slips and falls or vehicle collisions. Life Long Landscaping takes proactive steps to tackle ice head-on when it forms and, in the best cases, prevent ice from ever forming in the first place. We keep a careful eye on weather forecasts so we can begin our salting measures that attack ice before it forms.

Snow Removal Ottawa

Complete Off-Site Removal

After plowing all winter long, snow can begin to build up into monstrous banks and mounds in your parking lots and along sidewalks and roads, taking up space and increasing the chance of an injury that can leave you liable. 

Life Long Landscaping provides complete snow removal services, where we’ll remove the snow banks on your commercial property and haul it away for good!

Stay Safe This Winter With Life Long Landscaping

Life Long Landscaping is your ultimate partner in combating snow-covered landscapes and icy hazards. We specialize in providing top-notch snow removal and ice management services to keep your property safe and accessible during the harshest winter conditions.