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Lush Green Lawns With Life Long Landscaping

Sodding Services Ottawa

Lush Green Lawns

Growing grass can be a pain. Have you tried all the tricks and techniques only to find that nothing seems to work? Have you tried aeration and fertilizing or trying different grass seeds only to find that your lawn is still patchy and overgrown with weeds? Don’t over-obsess about getting the lawn of your dreams, and choose Life Long Landscaping’s sodding services.
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Solutions That Work For You

All it takes is one dry summer to totally ruin your possibility of having a lush green lawn. If you don’t get the rain you need, then your lawn relies on sprinklers that will run up your water bill. Life Long Landscaping offers a wide variety of sodding services and alternatives for your lawn that offer the same beauty that lush grass does.

Explore our low-maintenance alternatives

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Fast and Affordable Grass

Life Long Landscaping can provide you with a lush green lawn in just a day with our sodding services. We have a variety of sod products and services that will transform your lawn. We’ll lay sod across your entire property and provide grading services to ensure proper drainage away from your home.

Sod Ottawa

Our Artificial Alternatives

Life Long Landscaping has a wide range of services and many different options to choose from when considering landscaping solutions. We often recommend artificial grass solutions to some of our customers who don’t have the capacity to maintain and care for their lawns but want the beauty of lush and green grass.

Our Envy Lawn artificial grass products just might be what you’re looking for. We have a wide range of artificial grass products that provide permanent solutions without all the upkeep.

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