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Covid-19 Life Long Landscaping Update

Due the current Covid-19 global situation, Life Long Landscaping wanted to give all of our client’s and partners an update on how our services will be impacted this season. Life Long Landscaping will be taking pro-active steps this year to protect staff, client’s and the public.

Government of Ontario Essential Work List

Although starting new construction projects has been deemed non-essential until further notice, there are few services and projects that have been listed as essential for the time being. Here are some excerpts from the Ontario list of essential workplaces that would directly affect our daily services and operations.


Maintenance, repair and property management services strictly necessary to manage and maintain the safety, security, sanitation and essential operation of institutional, commercial, industrial and residential properties and buildings.


Construction projects and services associated with the healthcare sector, including new facilities, expansions, renovations and conversion of spaces that could be re-purposed for health care space.

Construction projects and services required to ensure safe and reliable operations of, or to provide new capacity in, critical provincial infrastructure, including transit, transportation, energy and justice sectors beyond the day-to-day maintenance.

Critical industrial construction activities required for,the maintenance and operations of petrochemical plants and refineries,significant industrial petrochemical projects where preliminary work has already commenced, industrial construction and modifications to existing industrial structures limited solely to work necessary for the production, maintenance, and/or enhancement of Personal Protective Equipment, medical devices (such as ventilators), and other identified products directly related to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residential construction projects where, a footing permit has been granted for single family, semi-detached and town homes an above grade structural permit has been granted for condominiums, mixed use and other buildings, or the project involves renovations to residential properties and construction work was started before April 4, 2020.

Construction and maintenance activities necessary to temporarily close construction sites that have paused or are not active and to ensure ongoing public safety.

The entire list can be found at the following link: Government of Ontario Essential Work List

Office staff, estimating and project management

Our current office staff will be working from home until further notice. They will continue to support our team leaders and crews to ensure that they are able to fulfill their duties and daily tasks. During this difficult and challenging time, we expect to see a slight increase in completion timelines as we try to mitigate the risks associated with Covid-19.

Can I still book a consultation for a new project?

Yes, our office staff is still available to provide you with a consultation with the following options:

Video Conference or Telephone Call Consultation (preferred):

The safest way for everyone to acquire a consultation would be through video conference or telephone calls. With today’s available technology, our office staff has been trained to provide consultations without human contact. In order to help facilitate and improved our staff’s estimating capabilities, there are few documents that would help facilitate this option. Homeowner’s property survey, measurements, project scope and requirements and any other piece of information that would be helpful.

On site limited visit:

A second option would be a limited on-site visit. One of our office staff members would visit the site to take measurements and pictures. We would ask that the client stay within their residence and all project scope and requirements be shared via telephone before hand. The homeowner’s property survey and any other piece of information would still be helpful during this process.

Our office staff will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate once we have gone through the initial process. Once the client is provided with the estimate and its acceptance, we will be scheduling projects to commence once the Government of Ontario has lifted the stay at home requirements.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support. Through these difficult times, we are taking Covid-19 seriously and want to ensure that our actions don’t negatively impact our employees, client’s and the public.

Life Long Landscaping Policies and Guidelines for Covid-19

OH&S Legislation in Canada – The rights of our workers

The three main right of our workers:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario jurisdiction entitles all workers to three rights:

1. The right to know about health and safety matters.

2. The right to participate in decisions that could affect their health and safety.

3. The right to refuse work that could affect their health and safety and that of others.

We strongly support our employees to voice their concerns and opinions and give them the right to stay at home without jeopardizing their position at the company. During these times, the government of Ontario has set forth financial programs for those in need.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 – Self Monitoring

We ask that all our employees use best practices for self monitoring and follow the advice that you have received from your health care provider. Any employees who believe they have been exposed or someone they live with has been exposed we ask that you remain at home from the last day of symptoms, or until Covid-19 has been ruled out through testing.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

1. Fever

2. Cough

3. Difficulty breathing

Avoid public spaces

Avoid crowded public spaces and places where you cannot easily separate yourself from others if you become ill.

What to do if you develop these or any other symptoms?

Self-isolate immediately and contact your public health unit and your health care provider.

To self-isolate you will need:

1. Instructions on how to self-isolate

2. Supply of procedure/surgical masks (enough for 14 days)

3. Soap, water and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands

When you visit your health care provider, avoid using public transportation such as subways, taxis and shared rides. If unavoidable, wear a mask and sit in the back seat.

For more information on how to self-monitoring please visit the following link: Fact Sheet Covid-19

Personal Protective Equipment

Life Long Landscaping will be supplying additional PPE equipment to ensure that staff can properly clean surfaces in their work trucks as well as maintain proper personal hygiene standards. If employees would prefer to procure their own PPE equipment, we will be happy to cover the cost of any reasonable purchases. We are asking that all employees refrain from sharing food, cigarettes or other.

Our Shop

Always maintain physical distancing protocols. If using outdoor washroom facility, please disinfect all surfaces before and after use. When punching in or out, do not loiter. This will help limit your interactions and the spread of Covid-19. When possible contact team leaders or managers by phone.

Vehicle & Equipment

Equipment and vehicles will be assigned to one driver/operator

Do not share any equipment or vehicles unless it has bee assigned to you

Equipment and vehicles should be disinfected daily and at the end of your shift

Vehicles must always be kept clear of debris and garbage.

General Hygiene

Cough or sneeze into your arm.

Avoid touching your face. If you must, wash your hands before and after.

When washing your hands, do so for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available.

When possible work alone or maintain physical distancing protocols

Wash your hands before and after eating, drinking or smoking.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support. Through these difficult times, we are taking Covid-19 seriously and want to ensure that our actions don’t negatively impact our employees, client’s and the public.

Individual efforts are necessary as a community. The actions we take as individuals will affect not only you, but your loved ones and the most vulnerable people in our community. By acting now, you may be saving lives.


The Life Long Landscaping Team

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