Outdoor Features Ottawa

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Outdoor Features Ottawa

Design You Dream

When it comes to outdoor features, the possibilities are endless for what we can add to your property and landscape that boosts overall comfort and usability. With Life Long Landscaping, you’ll get access to our local and international suppliers and fabricators that can help you to design and create outdoor features that the whole family can enjoy.
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Premier Outdoor Features in Ottawa

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces and fire pits are backyard essentials that will make summer nights last forever. We can provide you with custom-built fireplaces in a variety of types and styles, from wood-burning to natural gas.
Top-rated Ottawa Outdoor Feature Installation

Outdoor Kitchens

Take your barbecue to the next level with an entire outdoor kitchen setup. With countertops, and built-in grills or ranges, our customized outdoor kitchen options will make backyard entertaining easy and enjoyable.
Ottawa Outdoor Feature Installation


Adding sculptures will take your property from a regular backyard to one that emulates the gardens of royalty. Depending on your budget, we can provide sculptures and garden features made from natural materials or synthetic alternatives.
Top-rated Ottawa Outdoor Feature Installation

Custom Lighting

Custom lighting solutions can be applied in multiple ways, in multiple colours and brightness. Whether you want to accentuate the natural features of your property, like trees and gardens, or light up your backyard patio for those BBQs that run late, we have the options for you.

Outdoor Features Ottawa

Stonework and Unique Interlock Patterns

Interlock pavers and natural stone are great ways to define your outdoor features with a clean, natural and sturdy look. Whether you dream of stone or marble benches, or stone fire pits, we have customized solutions for you.

Outdoor Features Ottawa

Customized Design Solutions

Life Long Landscaping has a dedicated design team that will work with you to add an extra level of uniqueness to your property. We work alongside local and international suppliers to provide the products that you want while staying within your budget.

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