Envy Lawn Artificial Grass Ottawa

Ottawa's Best Grass Alternative

Envy Lawn Artificial Grass Ottawa

Premium Quality

At Life Long Landscaping, artificial lawns are one of our specialties. We have a wide range of artificial lawn products and services and dedicated crews that are here to serve you.
Unlike natural grass that requires seeding, our Envy Lawn artificial grass option can be placed anywhere and requires little to no maintenance. Our artificial grass products are American-made, high-quality and come with a 15-year manufactures warranty.

Expert Envy Lawn Turf Services Ottawa

Specialized Services

What’s unique about Live Long Landscaping is that we are our own supplier of Envy Lawn artificial grass, offering DIYers, contractors or architects the artificial grass products that work for any project.

Explore our wide range of artificial turfs from our sister company, Ottawa Artificial Grass.

Envy Lawn Artificial Grass Ottawa

Artificial Lawn For Any Use

At Life Long Landscaping, we offer artificial lawn services that are customized for you, bringing you the pleasure and aesthetics of grass anywhere you like.

Our artificial grass products are great for:

Repairs, Replacements and Cleanings

Unlike real grass, you won’t need to plant, trim or maintain your artificial turf. However, over time, prolonged use can deteriorate your artificial lawn, which is why we provide in-house repairs, restorations and cleanings so your artificial lawns can continue to look great. With our 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can feel comfortable knowing that if our products don’t meet your standards, you’ll be covered.