Pergolas Ottawa

Get The Shade You Need With Life Long Landscapes

Pergolas Ottawa

Shade and Style

Sometimes you want to enjoy the outdoors without experiencing all of its elements. That’s where pergolas come in. At Life Long Landscaping, we can build pergolas and similar structures around your property that add another layer of style and flair that will make your backyard patios another extension of your home. Escape the heat of the sun without going inside with our custom pergolas that make spending time outside enjoyable any time of the day.
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Customized Builds

Life Long Landscapes can build pergolas and shade structures that fit with your property’s features and layouts, so any space can enjoy the comfort and peacefulness of a pergola. Combine your pergola with our services, like lighting, so you can enjoy your pergola day or night.

Explore The Ways That A Pergola Can Enhance Your Backyard Living

Expert Pergola Construction Ottawa

Hot Tubs

Pergolas and shade structures can enhance backyard privacy, especially around your pool or hot tub, so you can relax in comfort.
Professional Pergola Installation Ottawa

Outdoor Dining Spaces

Too much sun can get in the way of you enjoying your meals outside. Get the right amount of shade with one of our custom pergolas.
Professional Pergola Installation Ottawa

Outdoor Relaxation Spaces

Relax on your chez-lounge or outdoor sofa in comfort with shade and shelter with a pergola or similar structure.

Shade For Any Occasion

As much as we love the outdoors, it’s sometimes nice to be able to escape the heat of the sun while still enjoying the cool breezes that sweep across your backyard. Pergolas and other shade structures are perfect for providing some shade without taking away the aspects of the outdoors that we love to experience.