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Re-Sodding or Reseeding: Make the Best Choice

Are you excited about making your lawn a beautiful, green and lush? Almost all home owners make extreme effort to beautify their properties and have nice-looking lawns. However, not all people are able to differentiate between the need for sodding vs. seeding a lawn. Though both choices can provide you with good results, your time, money, and needs can make a huge impact on your decision. If you want to know how you can achieve a grassy and green lawn within a short period, then read on:

Reseed Your Lawn

Has your lawn lost its green beauty and become brown and thin? If you are looking for efficient methods to restore your lush lawn, then you should reseed

it. You simply need to spread a layer of the right seeds over the entire lawn. Try to reseed your lawn when moisture conditions and temperatures favor seed germination. The fall and spring are the perfect seasons that support this process.

Is Reseeding The Right Choice?

While reseeding your lawn, you are able to choose from a large variety of grass kinds and

varieties. Though it is an economical method, you’ll have to spend substantial

amounts in the long run to care for your lawn. Above all, if you are looking for

instant results, then reseeding is not the right choice. Reseeding a lawn implies that you’ll have to wait for a long time for the growth of high-quality grass.


Though this process is a little complicated, you’ll easily find professional contractors who can get the job done for you. On the other hand, you can install the sod on your own if you have the right skills as well as enough time and energy. Re-sodding is the perfect option if you want to have a flourishing lawn within a few weeks. Prepare the site before installing the sod. It implies that you’ll have to test the soil and make essential adjustments prior to sod installation. The sod roots quickly and becomes usable within a month or even less. You can use this method during the spring, summer and the fall to help your lawn restore its health and appearance. However, it is better to not utilize this method in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Is Re-Sodding The Right Choice?

Re-sodding is a quick and efficient method to help your lawn get its green, lush, healthy, and fresh look back. This method provides you with a mature and healthy turf that does not require any special care. Once installed, you simple need to water, fertilize, and mow your sod lawn to keep it fresh and healthy.

Make Your Choice

One of the most significant differences between re-sodding and reseeding is the time required for the development of a green and durable turf. While re-sodding enables you to enjoy a visually appealing green yard within a few weeks, reseeding will make you wait for a long time. Moreover, choosing the latter option is prone to offer unreliable results. One of the greatest perks of a sod is that it can be installed anywhere at any time.

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