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Can I still book a consultation for a new project?

Yes, our office staff is still available to provide you with a consultation with the following options:

Video Conference or Telephone Call Consultation (preferred):

The safest way for everyone to acquire a consultation would be through video conference or telephone calls. With today’s available technology, our office staff has been trained to provide consultations without human contact. In order to help facilitate and improved our staff’s estimating capabilities, there are few documents that would help facilitate this option. Homeowner’s property survey, measurements, project scope and requirements and any other piece of information that would be helpful.

On site limited visit:

A second option would be a limited on-site visit. One of our office staff members would visit the site to take measurements and pictures. We would ask that the client stay within their residence and all project scope and requirements be shared via telephone before hand. The homeowner’s property survey and any other piece of information would still be helpful during this process.

Our office staff will be happy to provide you with a free no obligation estimate once we have gone through the initial process. Once the client is provided with the estimate and its acceptance, we will be scheduling projects to commence once the Government of Ontario has lifted the stay at home requirements.

We thank you in advance for your patience and support. Through these difficult times, we are taking Covid-19 seriously and want to ensure that our actions don’t negatively impact our employees, client’s and the public.


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