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Largest Selection of Artificial Turf Products

In addition to being the most technologically advanced artificial grasses you’ll find on the market, we also provide a variety of options in terms of the product you choose. We offer up to 25 different synthetic grass options in all.

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Unlimited                 Options

The possibilities for SYNLawn synthetic grass are only limited by the imagination. You will find our grass not only in golf practice putting greens but also on rooftops, in medians beside major roadways, on playgrounds, at zoos, and more. Where do you envision your SYNLawn installation?

Manufacturer Backed Warranties

SYNLawn remains the only vertically integrated manufacturer in our industry. This means that we control all of the quality factors at play, even down to the manufacturing of the materials used in our products. Every grass product we create, and every lawn installation we undertake, is under warranty.

Save Water           and Money

With a SYNLawn synthetic turf installation, you can do your part by conserving water as well as lowering your water bill by two-thirds in the process. Reduced water bills means significant savings for you on a frequent basis, and the tax rebates many cities offer for replacing natural grass with artificial grass can potentially add to your savings.  

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The beauty of the SYNLawn landscape system is that it is designed to give you the perfect lawn while also saving you money in the process. It really is possible to have the best of both worlds, and when you install synthetic grass around your property, you will.